Our partners handle several kinds of cargoes on their, private and independent breakbulk terminal. All against crystal clear rates and good to know : no ‘slinging expenses’ like in Antwerp will be charged!

The length of our quay , 730 metres, double railway track connected, in combination with the number of shorecranes, up to 208 tons, tandem lift 150 tons, makes it possible to handle several vessels at the same time.
For heavier type of cargoes we use partner floating cranes up to 1800 tons or more or the ship’s cranes.

Specialist expertise
At our partners terminal, we have specialist expertise in the fields of Project Cargo, Heavy Lifts, Wind Equipment and Breakbulk. With over eighty-seven years of experience, we are one of the leading firms in the Port of Rotterdam. And as a private, independent terminal, we are not only distinguished by our long-standing expertise, but also by our unrivalled flexibility, short lines of communication and 100% pure stevedoring services.

Rotterdam handles the following types of cargo on their own breakbulk terminal

  • Project Cargo Stevedoring
  • Heavy Lift Stevedoring
  • Breakbulk, General Cargo & Container Stevedoring
  • Windmill Blades, Windmill Towers, Windmill Nacelles Stevedoring
  • Metals & Ferro Alloys Stevedoring
  • Flatracks Oversized Stevedoring
  • Assembly & Repair and Lay-by Assistance
  • Offshore vessels – Mobilisation & Demobilisation
  • IMO 1/9 and IMO 7 handling
  • Warehousing for Heavy Lift, Project cargo & General Cargo
  • Open Storage for Heavy Lift, Project Cargo & General Cargo
  • Brexit & L.M.E. warehousing