You can trust on Omnia to get your shipment, no matter what size, to the right location at the right time, regardless if it is a parcel to any other country or a 1.500 ton module/transformer to a remote location across the globe. Omnia can help you with this! Omnia includes global multi-supplier projects, from pick-up through consolidation and delivery to fabrication facilities and final project jobsites.

The gas and oil industry relies on shipping companies and third party logistics providers to move complicated freight shipments around the world. Gas logistics usually involves shipments to remote parts of the globe, which can involve shipping heavy gas equipment and following strict safety guidelines. It also involves complying with strict regulations in the US and overseas. With the volatile price of oil and gas, it’s more essential than ever to find a cost-effective logistics and shipping solutions partner that knows how to move your equipment and supplies as efficiently and economically as possible.

Whether you need to transport piping, drilling rigs, refinery equipment, replacement parts or anything else that needs to be moved across the country or around the world in a hurry, Omnia-Maritime can provide the oil logistics and transport services necessary to get your supplies or products where they need to be in record time. Omnia even provides heavy haul and project cargo services for your complex shipments, and we have the capabilities to move supplies by land, air, sea, rail or multi-modal transport.